Be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of someone else.
— Judy Garland

Hello Beauty Lovers!

A little about myself, I am a 90ā€™s baby, I was born in the Philippines and I have loved the smell of coconuts ever since. My two sisters and I grew up in Saudi Arabia with a Southern father and Filipino mother.  I am familiar with sand storms, heat, and a strong love of henna. I grew up surrounded by all cultures which I think helped to influence my ability to bring out EACH PERSONS BEAUTY. I later moved to New Bern, NC where I met the love of my life. We were married July of 2016 and are slowly developing a crush on the queen city. i deal with his espn obsession and he has been putting up with my need for glam 7 years later.

Growing up being exposed to men and women of all ethnicities has helped me appreciate the things that make us different. I remember watching my mother apply her Asian beauty regimen every day and learning how important good skin is. This fascination became a passion for me so I decided to pursue a career in Esthetics so that I would be licensed for all of my clients. From there, I began working in the Beauty Industry; I was mentored by the most well rounded artists at Sephora and learned that knowledge in all brands enables an artist to create the best looks.  

I seriously love what I do.  How many people can say they get up every day to make someone else feel their best? My job is to make you feel your best beautiful! Skills and expertise help to set artists apart but I know it is my passion and love for what I do that truly help me stand out.

Every day is a blessing and Iā€™m thankful for all those I have had the honor to work with thus far. I am so excited to meet you and I hope to help you feel your best beautiful soon!

Yours Truly,