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Photo Courtesy of Posh Moment Photography

There is something to be said about a group of vendors that can come together to make magic. This beautiful and well thought out styled shoot was put together by a woman who embodies community over competition. Phylicia of Posh Moments Photography. This dream team of creatives put together something so gorgeous on a day that was so dreary and then had it photographed by a dozen or so strong GIRL BOSS Photographers.

Below are a few of the links currently out that showcase how talented these women are and how important it is to have a Professional Photographer for important life events. Each photographer has their own style in photographing and editing. This is why I as a Makeup Artist always ask my clients who will be photographing their big day! I want to make sure that your beauty is captured exactly as you envision it. I do this by studying your photographer of choice and seeing if they overexpose, over saturate, or love pictures very dark and moody. This is how you differentiate between a Professional Artist and one that does this for fun!

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